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Started in 1995, GSS Project Consultants Private Limited was established as a professional real estate company in Bangalore in 1997. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for all our customers through statutorily clear transactions and inculcating coherent business principles along with professionalism.

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Earn up to ₹ 2 lakhs per month easily

Convert your contacts to cash. You can earn quick money when you sell our plots. It is that simple!

Are you currently working elsewhere? No problem. You can work for us full time, part time or as a freelancer. Remember, we are not your employers. WE ARE YOUR PARTNERS!

We have an expert in-house legal advisory and documentation team which means we have got you covered. You bring us the client and we will take care of the rest. Our procedure is 100% LEGAL & SAFE.

How does this work?

Partner up with us and get verified.

Talk to people who are interested to buy plots or willing to invest in real estate

Convert potential leads to customers.

Gain income on each successful conversion.

Get paid once your client completes the registration.

Refer partners to get referral bonus.

What are the benefits?

Earn income with each sale you make.

Earn referral bonuses for recruiting other partners.

You can be your own boss.

Work only when you want to.

No targets whatsoever.

More sales is more money.

01 Who can become a partner?

Anybody with good communication skills. If you can talk and convince people, this job is for you!

02 Why should I be your partner?

Becoming our partner helps you converse and build your own network with people. Of course, you also get good amount of money in a short span of time. And it is completely legal.

03 Can I be your partner even if I am employed in other company?

Absolutely yes! You can work during your free time and still earn extra money!

04 When should I work?

You can either work full time or work when you want to (part time).

05 How much can I earn?

As a part time work with not much stress, you can easily earn up to 1 lakh per month. However with hard work and dedication, the earnings may reach up to 4 lakh per month too. The decision is yours to make!

06 Should I have an office?

Absolutely not. You can work without office. For those who already have an office, it is an added benefit.

07 What are my requirements?
  • Vehicle to travel in and around Mysuru.
  • Good communication skills in English and Kannada.
08 If I work as your partner, am I an employee of your company?

No. You will not be an employee of any company. You get paid for the sales you make.

09 When do I get my payment?

As soon as the property gets registered, you will receive your payment.

10 How many sales can I make in a month?

Your earnings are entirely dependent on how much sales you make. There is no limit to your earnings.

11 Is there any sales target that I should achieve?

Absolutely not. Remember, you get paid only when you make sales.

12 What is a referral bonus and when will I receive it?

When you refer a partner to our company and whenever he/she makes a sale, you get a referral bonus.

Partnership Categories

Becoming an advisor involves the least amount of work. Most suited for those who do not have resources or time to facilitate site visits for the clients. Recommended for part-time working.

Less Work Load

Easy Income

Suitable for Part-time

The consultant position is suitable for those who do not have resources but can use company’s resources to facilitate site visits for clients. Work load varies from part-time to full-time.

Good Pay-out

Extra Benefits

Part-time to Full-time

Any real estate marketing company can partner up with us to avail exclusive income benefits provided that the company has an office and a vehicle to facilitate site visits to the interested clients.

Highest Commission

Attractive Bonus

Full-time Work

100% Legal

Working as partners for GSS Projects is equal to working as a freelancer with almost zero risk involved.

Attractive Bonus

Earn extra bonuses every time you reach a certain number of conversions that are set by the company.

High Pay-outs

Convert a potential lead into a customer and earn income on each of your successful conversions.

Referral Rewards

Earn handsome referral rewards each time you refer one of your friends/contacts to become a partner.

About GSS Projects

GSS Projects was started in 1995 and officially formed as a private limited company in Bangalore in 1997. Our goal was to bring in professionalism through value systems and clarity in business and create a win-win situation with statutorily clear transactions. A majority of our clients were from the construction and real estate sector. With this expertise, we entered realty as an ethical advisory company to provide end-to-end solutions.


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